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First and foremost, I am proud to announce that I am now a licensed Professional Engineer in the Great State of TEXAS! I am exceptionally proud of this accomplishment! There may be some of you that are wondering to yourselves, “Texas? What’s so great about Texas? What is he talking about?” Well… this falls into one of those rare categories of, “If I have to explain, you just wouldn’t understand!” Maybe in the next few updates I do I will try and put more pen to paper. Read on… maybe you’ll get the gist… then again, maybe not….

TC & I is currently considering an acquisition / establishment of pure environmental engineering. Yes – “green”… Just like the latest California Code requirements for building! We are working on moving into Oil and Gas. More to come on this one! Extremely exciting!

I never cease to be amazed at the changing business environment – or more accurately – those who are not changing with the environment around them. I am blessed to have working with me two engineers who are not only extremely talented, but seem to share the same passions that I do.

The days of “long term employees” are gone. Anyone who believes different is living in the past. Don’t misunderstand, the past is the “sho0ulders on which we stand” to move forward in the name of progress, but the days of working for 35 years for the same company (like my mum and dad did) are history! They have been history for a long time now. Have you not noticed how business education now focuses on the “entrepreneur” and the spirit of individualism in business? The curriculum is changing – now! Jobs (Just – Over – Broke) these days are based on the length of the project. The hardest thing for a company to achieve right now is not establishing the initial foot hold in a particular industry, but the longevity of the hold. Case in point – Juicy Couture. The proverbial “15 minutes of fame” as translated to the business world.

I am also extremely proud that Thompson Cattle (Rancho Colorina) is a member corporation of the National Cattlemen’s Beef Association. If you or your company is at all involved in environmental issues (broad spectrum) then you should be a part of this organization. If for no other reason than to stay abreast of what is happening in Washington with respect to land appropriations and the environment. We are currently trying to acquire 30 head of mixed Limousine & Angus from an estate; one bull with 29 heifers and calves. These will go straight to auction. There is simply nothing to eat in Southern California right now – no forage at all! You know that means hay prices are high!

The House Interior appropriations bill passed through committee today 29 to 19. This bill allocates how federal dollars are spent for the Department of Interior, Environmental Protection Agency, and related agencies during fiscal year 2015. The bill included language that would help provide relief from the regulatory burdens that continue to hamper the productivity and profitability of farmers and ranchers across the country.

Farmers and ranchers – do you remember them (us)? Although only 2% of the American population, we provide $115 BILLION in Agricultural exports around the world. (That’s 1 in 3 U.S. farm acres that’s planted purely for export). I am extremely proud that we as a company are a helping to provide responsible Stewardship of the Land. I personally come from 5 generations of Cattle and as they say, “You can take the man out of the Country, but you can’t take the Country out of the man.”

Finally, I am STILL surprised at the number of inquiries that continue to come in to “Ghostlight” for basic firearms training from people from all walks of life. A statistic we provide in our classes: the population of the United States is right around 314 million people. That’s a 20% increase in population in the last 20 years! There are approximately 340 MILLION REGISTERED firearms in the United States! That doesn’t include all the illegal ones! Try and clean that up! Then again, maybe it’s just the timeless interest in the Old West and a desire to learn more about what life was life way back when… (to all those “Open Carry” advocates: even in the Old West you had to “check your weapons” when going in to public places!! Take that for what it’s worth!)

I remain excited about our future prospects across the board –especially in the arena of engineering with both environmental issues and Oil and Gas.

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